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IT Consulting

Mansai’s IT consulting services helps you to transform your business with bleeding edge technologies of 21st century. Our comprehensive range of services Include:

Software Development & Programming

Our services include requirement gathering/analysis, project planning, execution and management, independent testing, deployment and maintenance. Our highly skilled and experienced team offers the best in developing system architecture, new applications, customizing existing ones, enhancing and migrating new applications, ongoing maintenance and post deployment support. We focus on building IT solutions that help improve and streamline your business functions.

Requirement Analysis & Consulting

We provide value-added services from the early stages of a project. We can work with you in identifying and defining user requirements, scope of work, evaluating alternatives and analyzing customer needs. We also provide a prudent assessment of risks and appropriate recommendations that ensure delivery of solid and effective solution.

Enterprise Architecture

Our comprehensive solutions in Enterprise Architecture include an overall IT infrastructure design right from backend systems , data centers to end user environment.

We believe Enterprise Architecture begins with a strategic framework based on your business. This helps in our meticulous planning all the way from effective migration of data and application to establishing a client server and web based system.

Our IT infrastructure design helps create a computing environment that effectively meets IT functionality needs, simultaneously minimizing energy consumption. We can help design a robust, scalable and reliable IT infrastructure to meet current and future end user computing needs and minimizing your costs at the same time.

Systems & Application Integration

We offer integration services and solutions using Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and Legacy-to-Web Extension Technologies. By partnering with the industry´s leading suppliers of integration platforms and through our own expertise acquired through years of hands-on experience, we can seamlessly integrate platforms in today´s heterogeneous environments.

Systems Testing

Our independent testing services using modern testing methodologies and tools help ensure product quality and mitigate risks posed by software bugs, incomplete functionality and inadequate application performance.

We offer specialized testing services for:

  • User Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • General systems Testing
  • Performance/Load Testing
  • Compatibility/Configuration Testing
  • Documentation Testing

We also offer independent consulting services to measure and ensure standard compliance of your products.

Re-Engineering Services

With a team of specialists well-versed in Operating Systems, Technologies and Platforms from the early 80s till date, we offer superior re-engineering services for legacy systems including migration from one environment to another, reverse engineering and application re-hosting. We effectively address expansion challenges and minimize business interruptions by preserving established business practices and workflows.

Our Services include:

  • Platform Porting
  • Language Migration
  • End to End System Redevelopment
  • Version Upgrade Services
  • Database Migration
  • Application Migration
  • Functionality Upgrades
  • Packaged Application Customization
  • Porting

Security & Risk Assessment

Security risks can be a real and immediate threat to any otherwise well designed IT framework. To eliminate vulnerabilities, we provide Information Assurance and Risk Assessment Services as part of our comprehensive IT solutions.

We offer the following services:

  • Incident Response
  • Identity Management
  • Technical Security Training
  • Security Assessment(Message Encryption)
  • Secure Anti-Virus Implementation
  • Intrusion Detection System Implementation
  • Penetration Testing
  • Physical Security Plan Development
  • Penetration Testing
  • Network Infrastructure Review and Risk Assessment

IT Training & Certifications

We offer IT certification training to help you maintain and enhance your skills on the latest products and technologies. We offer onsite training and also have our own classroom setup. Our experienced and industry certified instructors provide you with practical, hands-on training that enable you meet your career goals.

Courses include:

Microsoft Certification of various levels and technologies CISCO, CISSP, ORACLE, JAVA, .NET, UNIX, C and C ++

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