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Responsive Web Design

30% of web browsing has moved to Smartphone’s and Tablets? Is your website devise compatible?

Experts predict mobile and tablet browsing will overtake desktop browsing over the next few years. Online businesses are now looking forward to adapting new strategies to render users a feature-rich experience across devices using a responsive design.

If you think of it you will be turning away 30% of your web users if your web site is not ready for cross device compatibility. In today’s world websites need to be fast loading and render well on a small Smartphone screen without any loss in functionality. This is what we do at Mansai. We build responsive designs that work!

Responsive we designs automatically adjust webpage layouts for optimal content display for any screen size or resolution across devices whether it is a desktop a laptop a tablet or a Smartphone.

We make sure that our responsive web designs are:

  1. 1. Compatible with all browsers
  2. 2. Usable with no functionality loss
  3. 3. Touch Swipe Ready for tablets
  4. 4. Mobile compatibility
  5. 5. Quick load time
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