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Web UI / UX Design

We create highly involving website designs with carefully planned user experience that leads to fulfillment of your website goals whether it is lead generation or e commerce sales.

At Mansai we believe in creating user-centered web designs. White designing the website we take into account what is your primary goal with the website? What portion of content you which to highlight? Once they come to your website how they should interact with the website?

Information Architecture

Based on these questions we will be creating the information architecture document laying out where and how content will be displayed and what will be the website navigation architecture. After the website information architecture is designed and approved we will be designing wireframes or functioning prototypes that serve as the basis for your web design.

User Interface / User Experience Design

At this stage we will be converting the user information architecture into a beautiful thematic web interfaces. We will design the graphics based on your brand guidelines and the industry vertical you serve and then we will design user interaction paths in such a way that it fulfills your website goals.

Usability Design

How usable is your website? Are they browser compatible? Is your website renders well on a tablet? Can your website users easily find the information that they are looking for?

We design our websites in such a way that website can be viewed and usable even on a tiny cell phone or on tablets or even on a slow Internet connection. Our experienced web designers have successfully delivered pixel perfect web designs that work across devices.

Our UI/UX design services we provide the following services:

  • Web Application Story Boarding
  • Wire-framing Services
  • Mockups & Prototypes
  • User Interface Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Web Usability Design
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