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Rich Web Interfaces

Rich Internet Applications (RIA) allows us to create rich user experience like slideshows, interactive website navigation, mouse-over effects and animation that were previously possible only via Adobe Flash. We use advance JavaScript libraries like AJAX, Jquery and Adobe Flash to create rich interactive user interface designs that are both more interactive and provide the users a unique rich user experience.

AJAX: AJAX is short for asynchronous JavaScript and XML. In AJAX the client and server interaction is asynchronous i.e. the client server interaction is not based on requests. The main advantage of AJAX based rich Internet applications is the fast download speed of AJAX based applications.

JQUERY: jQuery is a fast, small, and feature-rich JavaScript library. The modular approach to the jQuery library allows the creation of powerful dynamic web pages and web applications. Used to create front end website user experiences a properly designed user experience using JQuery makes websites user friendly and interactive.

Flash: In using Flash to develop rich Internet applications, a flash player is used to render flash content to users. Flash can be used in RIA to integrate audio and video content. Flash is ideally suited for Rich Internet applications (RIA) wherein the emphasis on animations and graphics is high.

At Mansai, based on the requirements of the clients, we combine AJAX and Flash with PHP to develop a variety of Rich Internet Applications.

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