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Web & Mobile Development

Our Development services include requirement gathering/analysis, project planning, execution and management, independent testing, deployment and maintenance. Our highly skilled and experienced team offers the best in developing system architecture, new applications, customizing existing ones, enhancing and migrating new applications, ongoing maintenance and post deployment support. We focus on building IT solutions that help improve and streamline your business functions.

Our approach to work is extremely collaborative and milestone driven. Based on Agile Development Process (SCRUM) we strive to add value at all stages of the project. The development approach, which has evolved over last 9 years, is based on strong project and risk management principles, which allows us to deliver consistently. Any web project small or large is approached with same intensity and focus.

We rely on standards

We work with set processes in all 3 areas of web design and development (Graphic Web Design, HTML Interface Development and Web Programming). These processes with are adopted at various stages over last 9 years are based on hard learned lessons and absolute must in success of any web project.

  • Website Design: Our collaborative custom web design and graphics development process is discussed in detail in our web design section. We closely follow Web2.0 design patterns for our web design and content architecture to deliver aesthetics with usability.
  • User Interface Development: We follow W3C standards to build usable and accessible Web Interfaces Using HTML5, CSS3 and XHTML.
  • Programming: We have adopted MVC architecture for all our development (.Net and PHP) since last 4 years. MVC allows fully object oriented, scalable and flexible web solutions.

We combine all 3 facets of web design and development to ensure that you get the very best in web solutions from Mansai.

Our development approach is milestone driven

The processes and standards lay the foundation on which we build on. Our development approach is collaborative, milestone driven and designed to minimize risks.

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